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About ChecksPress Solutions


Checks Press Is a full-service checks provider. We’re a smart alternative to banks, especially because our primary focus is customer care.

Proudly Made in the USA  operated since 2009, we have successfully served over 10,000 customers and printed over 80 million checks. And we’re still growing strong with new checks printing services now being offered in all United States

Our clients range from large corporations to entrepreneurs who want an affordable checks printing option. We source only the products and ship them straight from our NY, facilities.

Should you experience any difficulty whilst ordering your checks, feel free to reach out our knowledgeable, polite, and experienced staff who will be glad to answer all of your questions.

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Because checks convey your company's image to clients, partners, vendors, and everyone who sees them, choosing the right design is important, that's why at ChecksPress we offer a huge selection of traditional and contemporary looks, with extended options such as window envelopes, vouchers, payroll stubs, deposit tickets and more.

ChecksPress.com products are guaranteed to work with your financial institution, our checks have the ultimate security features for preventing and detecting fraud, including Micro Security Print and Watermark Back Printing.

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