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PRECISE STAMP IMPRESSION: This self-inking stamp has a bold, and vivid red ink fill that leaves a clear and permanent stamp on your documents.
STAMP BETTER WITH A SUPERIOR STAMP: Executive supplies’ is a renowned brand in the self-inking rubber stamp market, providing exquisite products having unique features like our self inking office stamps. we carefully create innovative solutions to ensure that our products are the perfect fit for your home, office, and other official settings.
Do More with ONE INK PAD: Our ENTERED Stamp self inking pad is designed by our team of professionals with features to grant you an efficient and long-lasting stamp.
HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: The stamp is designed to be ideal for daily use with its high-quality features like: the ABS plastic frame, durable real rubber die-plate, and the plastic anti-slip base makes it quite convenient and sturdy for use, the added bonus is that the rich, bold red ink promotes the quality of the impression.
REINKABLE: This stamp can be used over and over again

Manufacturer Generic Mfg
SKU 11703
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What is an MICR Specification Sheet and what is it used for?

The MICR Specification Sheet gives the printer the exact spacing and numbers for business and personal checks. The MICR Specification Sheet allows checks from to be scanned properly by your financial institution. You can obtain a MICR Specification sheet from your local bank. Our customer support team will be happy to walk you through the process of obtaining and filling out an MICR Specification Sheet.

Is it possible to add additional information to my checks such as my driver's license, phone number, or other useful information?

Certainly, you will notice on the check order form there are two additional lines. You may use these lines to add any additional information you would like to add to your checks, but we suggest that you limit the amount of personal information you include on your checks. Should the check cashier need more information to cash your check you can always write this information on the check. Limiting the amount of information you provide on a check is recommended for your safety and financial protection. Never include your social security number on your checks.

How can I view the status of an order?

Checking the status of your order is simple, once you log into your account you will be able to view the status of all your orders. Simply click the 'Order Status' button on the website or send us an email at [email protected]

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Our customer service are available, Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM EST.

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